Texas Coworking celebrates Boagworld 200 Friday 4 am!

Texas Coworking Video Conference Event: Boagworld 200.

At 200 E 6th Street 301 (third floor), Austin, TX, 78701. http://texascoworking.com

Friday Feb 12, 2010 starting at 4 am till 4 pm with Happy Hour after at BD Rileys pub downstairs from Texas Coworking.

Friday, Feb 12 is the 200th episode of a web show called “Boagworld”!

You can watch it at Texas Coworking.  But you’ll have to get up early.  Or come later.

Don’t worry about parking, because 6th Street has tons of free parking at 4 am.

This will be a live video podcast originating from England starting at 4 am CST and ending at 4 pm CST followed by a beer bash at BD Rileys Pub downstairs from 5 pm till whenever.

To celebrate this momentous achievement we are going to do a 12 hour live podcast marathon with big screen tvs set up at Texas Coworking.

The show starts at 4 AM on Friday the 12th February and finishes at 4 PM that evening (times are CST, Central Standard Time).

Paul Boag has “too many guests to mention, but lets just say you will not be disappointed!” says Paul.  We hope Colin Firth will be among them.  And we’ve requested a skype video feed so Austin, Texas can take part.

Please email us if you plan to attend, it would be helpful to have RSVPs to know if anyone will get up at this ridiculous hour.

Email t@texascoworking.com

Since the event is so long, we don’t mind if you come late and/or leave early.  Or you can come early and leave late, as Mack Brown would say.

We haven’t heard back yet, but we contacted Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington about doing a return skype feed so Austin Texas can butt in to the event and we’re waiting for their reply.

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